Botanical Name: Cananga odorata var genuina

Product Code: DOH-S-057

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled


The Ylang Ylang flower is used to make several types of essential oil, via steam distillation. The oils vary in the intensity of their scent. Ylang ylang extra is the most potent essential oil derived from its flower. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil is often used as a top note in perfumes, such as Chanel N°5.


Features & Benefits:


[Emotion] Helps to reduced anxiety and boosted self-esteem either apply to skin or inhale. 


[Physical] Significantly reducing systolic and diastolic blood pressure rates as well as heart rate in healthy men.


依蘭精油是很受歡迎的 Chanel N°5 香水主要成分,它的主要功能還有護膚、抗菌,及最為人所知的 - 催情功效。




[心靈] 舒緩放鬆 - 在印尼,傳統的新婚夫婦床上會鋪滿盛開的依蘭依蘭。因為它的香氣馥郁溫暖,能讓一對新人舒緩放鬆,順利度過新婚之夜。若情侶間想要增加熱情,運用依蘭依蘭調和按摩精油為伴侶進行溫柔的香氣按摩、或是加入水中浸泡,都是很不錯的提議。


[肌體] 南洋女性黑而濃密的美麗長髮是用依蘭依蘭油去梳整來的,足見它在保養頭髮與皮膚的效果上不容置疑。此外,它也是對抗熱帶疾病和泌尿系統很好的抗菌劑。

Ylang Ylang 依蘭依蘭精油 10ml

  • Do not apply undiluted onto the skin. Keep away from children and eyes. For External Use Only. If you have a medical condition including pregnancy, seek professional advice before use.