Botanical Name: Vetiveria zizanoides

Product Code: DOH-S-056

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled


Vetiver Essential Oil has traditionally been used for its calming and sedating properties. The oil is also greatly used in the perfumery industry as a fixative. It has a distinct woody, smokey and earthy aroma. It is used extensively in the perfumes, cosmetics and soaps and also a flavoring agent in beverages. The aroma of vetiver essential oil has a very calming and soothing effect but that's not all.


Features & Benefits:


[Emotion] Known to improve the mental conditions like stress, anxiety and depression.


[Physical] Anti-inflammatory properties since the oil is known for its soothing and cooling effects, it helps calm all sorts of inflammation. It is specifically good at delivering relief from inflammation in both the circulatory and nervous system.


岩蘭草在東南亞和西非的傳統醫學中, 已被使用數千年之久。它原產於印度, 葉子和根部都有奇妙的用途。岩蘭草被認為是一種神聖的草本植物, 它因振奮、舒緩、治療和防護等特性而被重視。它是一種天然的身體冷卻劑, 因此在熱帶國家非常流行。在印度和斯里蘭卡,岩蘭草精油又被稱為「寧靜的油」。




[心靈] 當你疲憊的時候, 用岩蘭草精油有助於提升你的能量水平。此外,它還可以在高溫下給身體降溫及緩解焦慮和緊張情緒。


[肌體] 岩蘭草精油是一種癒合劑, 可通過促進皮膚和組織再生來治癒疤痕。它使皮膚恢復活力、去除暗瘡或痘印。它也是一種抗衰老精油,有效修復妊娠紋、皺紋等。此外,它還可以作為家庭燒傷的急救用油。

Vetiver 岩蘭草精油 10ml

  • Do not apply undiluted onto the skin. Keep away from children and eyes. For External Use Only. If you have a medical condition including pregnancy, seek professional advice before use.