0.5 fl oz. / 15 mL


Sometimes, you just simply want to jump out from a crowed and noisy place and enjoy silence. At least i believe a Hong Konger like me do feel the same. We live in a city working on different things in a fast pace, facing a lot of peoples and problems at the same time. "Quiet" is definately a kind of vibe that we are looking for. And this is exactly the reason why I have created this "Quieting" essential oils blend. It comes with Ylang Ylang, an oil which helps to reduced anxiety and boosted self-esteem simply through inhaling. Also, we have added Rose Otto, the delicate, calming aroma of it helps to calm the mind and promote feelings of peace and tranquility. Clary Sage, its sedative abilities that induce feelings of relaxation, clarity, and calmness. With all three of these oils, you will find what "Quieting" actually is.


生活在節奏急促的城市中,雖然發達且應有盡有。有時我卻只想逃離人煙稠密的鬧市,跳進"安靜"之中。但真真正正的靜下來究竟是怎樣的一個感受,也許你和我都還在尋找。我想這也正正是最近很流行的冥想練習的意義吧。而很多人在進行冥想時都會擴香精油,因為天然的香氣不僅能令人放鬆,還有著很多對身體的益處。在Drops of Happiness 的這款"Quieting" 複方精油中,我們加入了依蘭依蘭精油,它的香氣馥郁溫暖,能讓人舒緩放鬆。我們也加入了大馬士革玫瑰,"比黃金還要珍貴的大馬士革玫瑰精油"有著平衡和調理荷爾蒙作用,能對抗抑鬱、也能改善失眠及平衡心情。最後更加入了快樂鼠尾草精油成份,就如它的名字一樣,有令人