Botanical Name: Jasminum Grandiflorum

Product Code: DOH-S-025

Extraction Method: Solvent Extraction


When searching for a luxury fragrance to add to indulgent blends, deep, exotic, Jasmine Essential Oil is always the perfect choice. Originating from India, Jasmine Absolute is solvent extracted. The delicate petals are soaked in a solvent which then evaporates, leaving only the most fragrant constituents behind. No additives or fillers, only the best floral, fruity, and earthy scents. 


Features & Benefits:


[Emotion] Used in a massage blend or diffusion recipe, the deep musky tones of Jasmine will help to enliven sexual vitality and encourage intimacy.


[Physical] In addition to its aphrodisiacal properties, Jasmine is also a wonderfully nourishing oil. Use in a deep intensive facial treatment, to help smooth and revitalise the skin.


茉莉花原精 (Jasmine Absolute) 是通過溶劑萃取的方式得來的。因為它嬌嫩而珍貴的花朵易碎,使其成為最昂貴的精油之一。 從印度收穫的茉莉花中提取精油,茉莉花在幾天至幾周內只會生長出幾朵花,幸運的是它們還在持續地開花。 茉莉花在印度被認為是神聖的,純白色的它在葡萄藤上生長,只在晚上開花,因此也只能在晚上手工採摘茉莉花,以保存其珍貴獨特的花香香氣。




[心靈] 具有持久、浪漫的香氣,既舒緩又振奮。茉莉花有助放鬆,且可以全天使用。


*Absolutes are not true essential oils, although they are aromatic, volatile and used in aromatherapy and perfumery. They are produced by alcohol extraction, after which the alcohol is removed by vacuum distillation. The extraction is done on something called the concrete : a thick, fragrant material extracted from the plant with a hydrocarbon solvent such as hexane. The concrete contains the essential oil as well as fatty acids and waxes. Alcohol dissolves the essential oil, and the non-fragrant components either precipitate or are filtered out. This method is used for delicate plants (usually flowers), where heat distillation would damage or distort the essential oil, or for plants with a very low essential oil content that makes distillation impractical. The most used aromatherapy absolutes are Jasmine and Rose. Absolutes such as carnation, hyacinth and gardenia are used in high quality perfumery.

Jasmine Absolute 印度大茉莉原精 10ml