Botanical Name: Eucalyptus Radiata 

Product Code: DOH-S-016

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Eucalyptus Radiata is one of the most gentle and sweetest smelling cineole type of Eucalypt. This is the most popular Eucalyptus oil for Aromatherapy applications. It is well known for its expectorant, antibacterial, antiviral properties and is regarded the best Eucalypt for viral or bacterial infections with immunostimulating properties.

Features & Benefits:


[Emotion] It is a stimulating and positive oil on the emotions, helping you to get up and go.


[Physical] Helps ease muscle and joint aches and pains, poor circulation, and rheumatoid arthritis. Helps to boost the immune system, eases headaches, and helps clear common respiratory complaints and minor infections, along with coughs, congestion and other mildly related colds and flu related symptoms. May also aid in repelling insects.


尤加利這個名稱源自希臘文,"尤"的意思是"完善",而"加利"的意思是"覆蓋"。整個名字都意味著尤加利為人們帶來的高保護性, 是日常生活中不可或缺的"屏障"。它地主要產地是澳洲、地中海沿岸、北美及中國。尤加利精油是含氧率很高的一種精油, 對於凈化空氣, 呼吸系統淨化都有十分顯著的效果。同時具有卓越的抗病毒及殺菌能力,每小時殺菌率達至90%,亦能緩解鼻炎,抗流感;分解二手菸,凈化空氣。




[心靈] 為因為工作繁忙而無法獲得良好睡眠導致精神不佳的現代人提振精神。尤加利精油也是一種興奮劑,清新和涼爽的香味可以有助更快速地消除疲勞感,提神醒腦、提升注意力。


[肌體] 非常適合舒緩肌肉痠痛,將尤加利精油加到基底油 (例如:甜杏仁油) 中用於按摩可以緩解肌肉酸痛等疲勞症狀,對於關節炎也有一定療效, 同時可以放鬆身心。

Eucalyptus Radiata 澳洲尤加利精油 10ml