0.5 fl oz. / 15 mL


Energizing essential oils blend is a perfect choice for whom are seeking for motivation to accomplish what needs to be done, or when you need to pick up the pace when feeling lazy. The bright aroma from the Black Pepper will help you to focus on the task at hand and reach your goals with mental alertness. Sweet Orange and Lime together in this blend brings out a sweet yet not too flowery aroma which can helps improve confidence and uplifts our mood. 


我們的 Energizing 複方精油絕對是你在感覺懶惰的時候協助你重拾工作效率的選擇。明亮清晰的黑胡椒精油能幫助我們更集中精神和自信地去把目前的工作給處理好。而甜橙和青檸的混合則能帶出甜而不膩、充滿活力的清新香氣,讓我們有更多的力量推進著並把計劃一一完成。


Warning: Do not apply undiluted onto the skin. Keep away from children and eyes. For External Use Only. If you have a medical condition including pregnancy, seek professional advice before use.



Energizing (Lime - Orange Sweet - Peppermint) 15ml