0.5 fl oz. / 15 mL


"Take it easy!" is always easy said than done. So, we would like to offer you an easy, relax and light feeling with Easy essential oils blend. As we all know, citrus essential oil appears to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. That's why we have Orange Bitter in here, a sweet yet "not too sweet" aroma reminiscent of a cross between the sweetness of Orange Sweet and the slight bitterness of Grapefruit. Then, we have the Black Pepper which you might not know that this widely used spice has many natural health benefits at the same time its musky aroma helps calm you down by soothing nerves. We also added a distinct aroma from Ginger essential oil described as strong, warm and spicy to helps enhance concentration, soothe and reduce feelings of stress, sadness, anxiety. So, "Take it easy!" with this amazing blend!


"Take it easy!" 我們都知道這句說來容易做時難的口頭禪吧!所以我們希望用這款名字叫"Easy"的複方精油幫你更容易達到身心都放鬆的狀態。Drops of Happiness 在此複方精油中加入了苦橙,它帶著甜橙的香甜同時有葡萄柚的微苦,這種中性而平衡的香氣是大眾都會喜愛的。我們也加入了黑胡椒精油,你可能不知道這款被廣泛使用的香料其實具有許多天然健康的益處,它溫暖的香氣有助於通過舒緩神經使您平靜下來。最後我們還添加了生薑精油,它帶有獨特;被描述為強烈、辛辣但非常溫暖的香氣,有助於提高注意力,舒緩和減輕壓力、悲傷和焦慮的感覺。 不論你是希望純粹的放鬆心情、還是在尋找更輕鬆和自信的狀態去面對生活中的種種挑戰,都可以使用我們的 "Easy"複方精油去幫幫忙喔!


Warning: Do not apply undiluted onto the skin. Keep away from children and eyes. For External Use Only. If you have a medical condition including pregnancy, seek professional advice before use.