Botanical Name: Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Product Code: DOH-S-012

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled


Cinnamon is a spice that people rely on when making everything from apple pie to French toast. Beyond its use in cooking, Cinnamon also have many medicinal properties. Alternative practitioners believe that Cinnamon can lower blood sugar, treat superficial fungal infections, also reduce inflammation and pain.


Features & Benefits:


[Emotion] Known to diminish the feelings of depression, faintness, and exhaustion, to stimulate the libido, and to strengthen immunity.


[Physical] Cinnamon's characteristic flavor and aroma come from a compound called Cinnamaldehyde. This compound is known to exert antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that may help treat certain metabolic, infectious, digestive, or respiratory disorders.


肉桂自古以來都是人們熟悉及喜愛的香料之一。於舊約聖經與古埃及古書中都有記載。約4000 年前還在大航海時代,肉桂被視為珍品。在古希臘,人們認為肉桂的芳香代表著正面的情感和愛情,所以深受王宮貴族所喜愛。亞洲人用肉桂治漲氣,降肝火;希臘人則看重他利胃,抗菌的特性;而羅馬人把肉桂用在他們著名的香水中。在第九世紀時,歐洲人亦開始將肉桂加入不同酒類之中,甚至於婦女臨盆時也會用肉桂當鎮靜劑。




[心靈] 具鎮靜效果,對抑鬱症尤其顯著。


[肌體] 作用於急性支氣管炎、腹瀉、感冒以及打噴嚏;同時對呼吸道感染、風濕、關節炎及一般性疼痛亦有相當的裨益。

Cinnamon Leaf 肉桂葉精油 10ml

  • Do not apply undiluted onto the skin. Keep away from children and eyes. For External Use Only. If you have a medical condition including pregnancy, seek professional advice before use.