This year, Drops of Happiness has created you a pair of very Christmassy essential oil blends – “OH! Christmas Tree” and “Gingerbread Man”. Diffuse them with our Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is not only a wonderful and convenience way to get these wonderful aromas of the holiday but also a fabulous way to enhance mood, freshen the air and invigorate our senses. It is doubtlessly a special gift for you and your loved ones. 


In the two blends you can find some of the fantastically fragrant spices like Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg and Ginger. Oils from these spices are crisp, warm, spicy and sweet. Adding them to your diffuser will instantly bring you the sense of Christmas, joyful and spirited! Just a few drops at a time to the desired aroma.  


Let’s start bringing in some holiday cheer with our favourite Christmas blends! Create a magical and wonderful time of the year with your family and friends! 


Drops of Happiness by GC係今年將會推出兩款充滿節日感嘅天然複方精油OH! Christmas Tree 同埋Gingerbread Man。係呢兩款複方精油裡面你會搵到肉桂、丁香、荳蔻同生薑等等非常能夠代表聖誕節嘅香料類精油嘅蹤影。佢地都係屬於非常溫暖嘅精油,暖和感強、香甜同時帶少許辛辣嘅味道。 氣味獨特嘅佢地,令人係吸聞時候能夠瞬間彷似置身係節日當中。所以佢地一直都係受歡迎嘅節日香氣搭配元素,同時亦因為對身體有正面嘅功效。除左常見於芳療,亦常見於聖誕食譜當中。 


除左兩款聖誕節限定版複方精油OH! Christmas Tree 同埋Gingerbread Man之外,Drops of Happiness by GC 仲預備左聖誕禮物套裝俾大家選擇。一盒有齊兩款限定版複方精油,仲有方便易用、自然木色系設計嘅USB充電超聲波擴香儀。唔單止可以幫你屋企注滿聖誕香氣,令人心情靚靚,仲係實用嘅家居裝飾!如果你尋找緊一份特別嘅聖誕禮物送俾你愛同關心嘅人,呢份絕對係窩心又實用嘅選擇! 

Christmas Blends and Diffuser Gift Set