Christmas has always been a magical time of year for us. When you think of Christmas, what comes to mind? Wouldn’t it be special to have a tall Christmas pine tree? The scent of Christmas Tree alone is one of the most recognizable smell of the festival to our DOH team. How about an Essential Oil Blend that smells just like if not more fragrant than an actual Christmas Tree? Made out of Cedarwood, Cypress, Nutmeg, Pine and Orange Sweet Essential Oils, our “OH! Christmas Tree” Essential Oil Blend gives us an amazing woodsy scent and the essential oil benefits we love. Let’s bring the scent of our favourite Christmas Tree to life with a few drops of our “OH! Christmas Tree” and enjoy the festive spirit with your loved ones! 

聖誕節對我們來說總是在每一年當中一個很夢幻的節日。每當提起聖誕節,你會首先想到什麼呢?假如家中能夠放置一棵聖誕松樹,會不會很特別呢?對我來說,聖誕樹的氣味是聖誕節的香氣當中很有代表性的一種。我們的 Oh Christmas Tree複方精油便能讓家中即使不擺放聖誕樹的你也能夠擁有聖誕樹氣味的效果了。由雪松、絲柏、豆蔻、松樹和甜橙精油混合而成的Oh Christmas Tree複方精油充滿了具有非常強的潔淨感和木質香氣,同時有著我們最喜愛的精油功效。購買Oh! Christmas Tree ,把最天然的節日香氣帶回家和你的最愛分享吧! 

Christmas Blend - Oh! Christmas Tree (15ml)