Botanical Name: Cedrus atlantica

Product Code: DOH-S-007

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled


Atlas Cedarwood essential oil has wide applications in aromatherapy as well as natural perfumery. It is said to be an aphrodisiac with an aroma that could be described as masculine but it appeals to both men and women. And because its aroma has a grounding quality, it is often found in meditation blends. Revered for millennia, Atlas Cedarwood has been used for building ships, shrines, and bath houses, and is used in embalming, medicines, cosmetics, and perfumery; it is also considered to be one of the earliest incense materials. Please note when purchasing Cedarwood essential oil: we recommend Atlas and Himalayan Cedarwood oils, as they are the safest to use, have an appealing aroma, and are the only true Cedar oils typically available.


Features & Benefits:


[Emotion] Helps arterial regeneration as well as strengthening nervous system. Also helps treat rheumatism and arthritis pain. Because of its calming properties, Cedarwood Atlas is good to use during meditations. May also be a sedative. Has helped some people sleep better at night.


[Physical] Assists respiratory infection or congestion, chronic bronchitis, and coughs. It is excellent to use in hair care for oily hair and scalp, as well as for dandruff. It can help strengthen your hair and keep it from falling out quite so fast. It helps treat boils, fungus, and skin diseases.


在雪松家族中, 只有喜瑪拉雅雪松和大西洋雪松是真正的雪松。大西洋雪松是目前市面上最常見,最好應用的雪松精油品種。產地多於北非阿爾及利亞和摩洛哥交界之間的亞特拉斯山脈, 生長於沙漠邊緣, 有著非常強的耐乾旱特質。在小朋友身上使用大西洋雪松精油, 從嬰兒到求學不同階段的轉捩點, 不管是適應新學年還是新的面孔, 擦上雪松精油時, 也有著為小心靈增添了勇氣的實用功效。在生理上,大西洋雪松高壯挺拔的堅韌特質, 對於成長期中的孩童也能有促進骨質健壯生長的能力,發育全面的支持作用。




[心靈] 為擔憂者帶來信心, 它的溫暖能幫助我們首先化解心中的矛盾, 帶來敞開心房與外界連結的勇氣。




(膀胱炎、泌尿系統保養) 大西洋雪松因有著疏通淤塞和防腐抗菌的效果, 所以很適合用來改善生殖泌尿系統的感染。尤其是對於體質較寒較濕的人。


(改善壓力型掉髮、強健髮根) 於洗頭時, 不妨用幾滴雪松精油沾於指頭或棉花棒頭, 反覆地按摩頭皮, 雪松強健挺拔的生長性, 對於落髮、生髮和健髮也有絕對性的改善。而且能夠配合按摩能夠更有效地放鬆頭皮與毛孔, 可改善有頭皮屑問題、油脂分泌旺盛的問題髮質。

Cedarwood Atlas 大西洋雪松精油 10ml