Botanical Name: Piper nigrum

Product Code: DOH-S-005

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled


We probably added black pepper to our meals since it is an extremely popular spice after all.  However, you might not know that this widely used spice has many natural health benefits too.  As an essential oil distilled from fruit of the Piper negrum vine which grows in the tropics.  It is well known for its mood-enhancing, circulation boosting, and digestive benefits.


Features & Benefits:


[Emotion] Known to reduce anxiety and stress. The peppery, musky aroma helps calm you down by soothing nerves and relaxing your muscles. Ultimately, this restores balance to your emotions and can improve your mood tremendously.


[Physical] Antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial, which makes it a great choice for cleaning. Inhaling Black Pepper Essential Oil is useful for preventing viral infections such as cold and flu. It also helps clear upper respiratory infections. Or you may also apply it to a congested chest to help loosen mucus so that you can cough it up more easily.


黑胡椒精油屬於溫暖和滋補性的精油。在中世紀時期,胡椒貿易是印度與歐洲之間非常重要的生意,黑胡椒甚至是他們進行買賣時所用的錢幣,可見它在當時的貿易市場中佔著非常重要的地位。黑胡椒是一種非常古老且被受尊崇的香料,印度古人在4000多年前就開始廣泛地使用它。羅馬人 、希臘人還有土耳其人也一直於他們的傳統療法中使用黑胡椒。




[心靈] 是個能幫助我們抵抗負面情緒、低沉能量、沮喪和脆弱的"防護罩"。


[肌體] 針對骨骼肌,黑胡椒是最有效用的精油之一。它具有抗炎和止痛的功能,溫暖與止痙攣的特性有助治療令人無法隨意活動的慢性肌肉發炎。一般香薰療法中會使用黑胡椒精油去舒緩疼痛與過勞的肌肉、骨關節炎、風濕性關節炎和纖維性肌炎等症狀。黑胡椒精油具有的溫熱性質也十分適合因血液循環不良以致手腳經常冰冷的人使用,亦可增強我們的免疫力。

Black Pepper 黑胡椒精油 10ml